Problem with GEDECOM file generated by Family.Show


Thank you for your work, your software is very nice, very funny and very easy to use! So I used it to generate a.ged file. But when importing the ged file (generated using FamilyShow->Export) into other softwares (I tried phpGedView), all the persons can be seen but the links to their family are lost. It seems links in INDIvidual records -> FAMily records are missing. I added them handly and it was fixed.
My opinion is that 1 or 2 lines are missing in individal record (FAMS and FAMC tags)
1 FAMS @F2@
1 FAMC @F1@.   I don't know your tools, so I'm afraid I can't help. May be in the future...


BAbdulBaki wrote Oct 23, 2008 at 3:06 AM

Looking at the code, they don't use the FAMS and FAMC records. The way they create the FAM records is to increment a global integer variable that does not get saved with each individual or family record. Thus, it requires a little bit of code rewrite.

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