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The show is missing a show!

Jun 23, 2008 at 3:49 PM

I there! I've been poking around with Family.Show and I must say it’s a very nice example of silverlight in its best! Simple, fluid, simple… and … did I mention simple? ;) Of course you guys (the designers) have a lot to do with this, so congrats!


Now, before any technical add-on such us any sort of super-share, mega social network stuff, youtubish mambo jumbo … you name it! What I would really love to see you guys doing is to add a print facility. This is absolutely imperative if you are trying to track a family. There’s always someone that only “sees” things in paper. Even a first simple approach, some sort of a grid or a simple treeview would help a lot.


So, there’s my suggestion… you ask for it… you got it!


Best regards,

Rui Isidro