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Absolute MUST HAVE for any serious genealogy program

Jul 29, 2009 at 4:12 PM

First off, Family.Show is quite impressive and I believe it shows incredible potential.

That said, before it can be considered a true genealogical application it must have the ability handle source citations for the family history data provided.  Source material must be able to be attached to the person and referenced at each point in the information stream regarding that person's life.  Without this capability, Family.Show will never equal or supplant mature genealogy applications such as 'The Master Genealogist', 'Legacy' or even 'Family Tree Maker' (as weak as the 2008/2009 versions are).

Realizing Family.Show is a very new application that was originally intended to showcase Microsoft's newer technologies, it is my greatest hope that it will take on a life of it's own and that the open source community will raise the life of this app to the level of the previously mentioned programs and beyond.  I would love to see this take the best parts of each of those apps and bring them together into a freely available genealogy program that allows us family historians to more easily honor our past, present and future (yes, many of us are dedicated almost to the point of the maniacal - he he he ha ha ha,  oops, sorry.) ;-)