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Patched installation file

Sep 19, 2009 at 11:16 PM

Hello, is it possible to download somewhere or receive to e-mail the pached installation file of Family.Show, where all problems (main 3 problems are 1) not working with foreign languages, 2) after exporting to GEDCOM some information is deleted, 3) not saving Photos&Stories) are fixed?

Thank you.

Sep 22, 2009 at 1:01 AM

The latest builds are in the Source Code tab.

For users having issues with foreign languages, there is a twofold step to a solution:

1. The first problem is that most GEDCOM files are not encoded in the UTF-8 format which is the standard format supported by WPF, the workings behind Family.Show.
    The first step to supporting extended characters is getting the user to convert their file to UTF-8.  This can be done in Nodepad on any Windows PC.  
    To do this, open the GEDCOM file in Notepad and then go Save As, and select UTF-8 encoding.  Once saved, ensure the extension is still *.ged.  Other text editors have similar functions.

2. The second problem is that by design Family.Show removes extended characters becasue usually they cannot be displayed (due to not using the UTF-8 encoding).
    I've been testing a process where by users are given the option to override this behaviour if they have a file encoded in UTF-8 which is easy if you follow the steps in 1.  
    Have a play with the source if this is something you really need.  The line to switch off (//) is:

  text = regClean.Replace(text, "");

    in GedcomConvertor.cs

But remember if your file is not UTF-8 it will just display blank squares for extended characters.

Hope that helps